The Vegan Thesis

How is my book related to veganism?

Writers from Gary Francione to Steve Best are all anti-capitalist to varying degrees (Gary broadly, Steve strongly).

I present Ayn Rand’s case that capitalism is the moral basis for social organisation. But i also show that the same reasoning serves as a theoretical foundation for veganism.

To be clear, this is not capitalism in its present state, but in the form outlined by Ayn: hinted at, partial, an unknown ideal.

As such, no one that accepts the validity of this ideal can dismiss veganism. They may disagree that capitalism and veganism are inextricably bound, but they can’t simply brush it off as though it has no consequence.

In turn, no one that accepts the validity of veganism can dismiss capitalism—as i describe it.

Society VX

Society VX is the name of the book i have scheduled for release this month.

It aims to integrate a broad current of general and social philosophy—as represented by the work of Ayn Rand—with veganism.

You may be inclined to dismiss Ayn Rand by reputation. This is something i’d caution you not to do. The reputation she has of being a cranky old advocate of the rich who has no interest in the poor, is a slight on her understanding of society.

Certainly, there have been ‘cranky’ episodes in her history. But to focus only on this is to throw out the baby with the bathwater—a horrible thought.