Ethics 4

Finally, the last of my short videos on The Objectivist Ethics is ready.

You’ll find it at the end of this post.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the music, as i don’t think it was the best fit for the essay, but it does the job, and i wanted to complete the video before year’s end.

By the way, happy new year to anyone that reads this—i hope you have a fine year ahead of you.

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Ethics 3

The last month or so i’ve been working on things that have often been frustrating.

As i’m not as dynamic as many others, i haven’t found the time or energy to post here.

Although i largely finished the short video series of Ayn Rand’s The Objectivist Ethics (from The Virtue of Selfishness) last month, it took me some time to add mundane final touches and then to arrive at this point.

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Ethics 1

This is my latest short video based on The Objectivist Ethics by Ayn Rand (from The Virtue of Selfishness).

It’s definitely better to watch a larger YouTube version than the one here, though, which you can do by clicking the YouTube link in the control bar at the bottom of the screen below.

If a larger screen doesn’t open automatically, click the rectangle icon on the lower right that says “Theatre mode” when you hover over it.

The Semi and the Butcher


This is a parody in the style of Ayn Rand by Brett Holverstott. As i have tremendous respect for Ayn Rand’s work, this is not meant to dismiss it, but i post the story because it’s both absurdly humourous—to those familiar with Ayn’s work—and unwittingly touches on themes related to both this blog and my book (Society VX).

I’ve changed the version i found slightly to correct minor errors (eg spelling), and to try to make the second-last paragraph clearer.


Ayn Rand answers the question which has plagued philosophers and the general public for centuries: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” She proposes that throughout the history of poultry, chickens have been offered two false alternatives: to either die as roadkill or submit to The Butcher. With ground-breaking symbolism paralleling Nietzsche’s Apollo vs. Dionysus, Rand argues that each alternative is a reciprocal manifestation of the same ideology—and proposes a third alternative consistent with her Objectivist philosophy of living on Earth.

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The Purpose of Society VX

As my first post here suggests, Society VX, my upcoming book, draws heavily on the work of Ayn Rand.

She wasn’t an academic, although could have been. But she probably didn’t see any benefit in becoming one, since she’d already made her own path and disagreed with much of what academia offered up (in the humanities).

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Society VX

Society VX is the name of the book i have scheduled for release this month.

It aims to integrate a broad current of general and social philosophy—as represented by the work of Ayn Rand—with veganism.

You may be inclined to dismiss Ayn Rand by reputation. This is something i’d caution you not to do. The reputation she has of being a cranky old advocate of the rich who has no interest in the poor, is a slight on her understanding of society.

Certainly, there have been ‘cranky’ episodes in her history. But to focus only on this is to throw out the baby with the bathwater—a horrible thought.