The Purpose of Society VX

As my first post here suggests, Society VX, my upcoming book, draws heavily on the work of Ayn Rand.

She wasn’t an academic, although could have been. But she probably didn’t see any benefit in becoming one, since she’d already made her own path and disagreed with much of what academia offered up (in the humanities).

Like Ayn Rand, i’m not an academic. Unlike Ayn Rand, however, i don’t remotely approach her knowledge, her analytical ability, her insight.

So why did i write Society VX?

To give those people with intelligence and drive, but unfamiliar with some of the concepts, a few seeds of liberty, reasoning and veganism they can grow beyond me.

Liberty and veganism are two largely separate camps, when they really should be spending time together.

Ayn Rand was an advocate of liberty—though not a libertarian. She also wasn’t a vegan, but her philosophy provides a basis to integrate veganism.

Society VX aims to bring veganism to a broader view of society, and that broader view of society to veganism. To unite them both in a less bloody, less controlling vision of the future.


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