Anti-Capitalist Book Buyers

In my last post, i talked about how the prices of some anti-capitalist books had a distinctly capitalist ring to them.

This is likely due to the method publishers use to put them out, based on being prescribed as textbooks and/or bought by libraries.

A further irony of their price is that if they’re prescribed as textbooks, potential buyers may be young people with low incomes, which seems especially likely if they’re interested in anti-capitalism.

The claim that the high price of textbooks is an unavoidable part of the capitalist system doesn’t seem particularly persuasive in an era of low cost duplication, e-documents, self-publishing and websites.

If, on the other hand, these books are sold to libraries, while some may be private, many get funds from government.

This would mean the money for an anti-capitalist book opposing a capitalist state is coming from the state.

And where does the state get its funds from?

From its citizens. Which an anti-capitalist may argue is a legitimate use of public money, spreading knowledge of the problems with capitalism.

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