I have concerns about my privacy and safety, so please keep this in mind and respect it. I’m not a social media personality, so won’t be sharing details like one.

If i don’t respond to comments, it’s not because you don’t deserve attention, but because i have limited energy, focus and time. It’s even possible i may not know how to respond.

For the same reason, i may not respond to contacts. If that’s the case, don’t take it personally. I’ve found repeatedly that even larger, well-staffed organisations don’t respond. So, if as a single person, i don’t reply, i’m probably trying to save some time and sanity.

Unless it’s a very specific request relating to me in particular, contact groups that advocate freedom instead. For instance, ARI (The Ayn Rand Institute) or whatever groups there are in your country.

They likely not only have the resources to respond—whether they do or not is another matter—but promote liberty while at the same time ignoring the freedom of billions of animals in Gulags more far reaching than any they care to recall.

People in these organisations are smart. It would be wonderful if you could get through to them.

For privacy, safety and other reasons, i won’t accept offers to take part in any video, radio or other media events.

I wish you well…