Ethics 3

The last month or so i’ve been working on things that have often been frustrating.

As i’m not as dynamic as many others, i haven’t found the time or energy to post here.

Although i largely finished the short video series of Ayn Rand’s The Objectivist Ethics (from The Virtue of Selfishness) last month, it took me some time to add mundane final touches and then to arrive at this point.

I originally wrapped up the series with one final video that ran for over 4 minutes. Since i wanted it to be shorter, though, i cut it in two, so there is one more part to follow after this to finish things up.

I also want to acknowledge that i made the videos with Adobe Spark. Although they have no Adobe branding, that’s because i covered it over and cut it out. However i want give them their due here and say thanks.

There are various topics i’d like to write about, but whether that happens depends on how much time and energy i have in the final two months of this year.

Until that time, or the final video, following is part 3 of the series.

A note for those who aren’t familiar with YouTube, if you click on the icon at the bottom far right, you can watch the video full screen. Alternatively, if you click on the YouTube logo on the bottom right, that takes you to YouTube, where you can watch the video in theatre mode by clicking the rectangle icon, 4th along the bottom right.